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    Why S/West Should Forget 2023 Presidential Election For Now – Makinde


    Mar 17, 2021

    Why S/West Should Forget 2023 Presidential Race For Now - Makinde

    Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State has urged the South-West to forget about the 2023 presidential election for now and focus on getting justice for victims of criminal activities.

    Speaking at a pan Yoruba congress held on Wednesday in Ibadan, Oyo State, Makinde maintained that he will always take decisions that will be in the interest of the people.

    According to the governor, he has no political godfather, crediting God for his emergence as Oyo governor.

    He said: “Before I became governor, I contested three times. What then will be my fear? Why will I not do the right thing? I make bold to say that I am not encumbered in any way. I have no political godfather except God the father. God brought me to the position, so I am not afraid of anyone no matter how powerful that person is,” the governor said.

    “I stand on my honour that I will take decisions in the best interest of my people. Some people are talking about 2023. That presidency should come to the west, but that is not the issue for now. The issue we should face now is how people should get justice.

    “Where it is needless to shed blood, we should avoid it. Wisdom is more than using powers. Let us approach the issue with good wisdom to avoid collateral damage. As I stand before you, if I am no longer a governor, I will go back home. I am not bothered about the position, but about the welfare development and progress of Oyo state and Yorubaland.”

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