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    Suspended Peoples Democratic Party Chairman, Secondus Didn’t Pay Party Dues For Four Years – PDP Chieftain


    Sep 3, 2021

    Uche Secondus

    The suspended National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, Uche Secondus, allegedly failed to pay his dues to the party in the last four years, the Rivers State PDP Chairman, Desmond Akawor, has said.

    Akawor, who spoke in Port Harcourt, said Secondus jeopardised his party membership, following his refusal to pay dues.

    Uche Secondus

    He said Secondus worked against the interest of the party in the state by balkanising members of his Ward 5, including issuing a directive that the former Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Davies Ikanya, whose defection to PDP was considered a big harvest, should not be registered in his ward.

    He said, “On June 5, I wrote a letter to all wards that they should furnish us with the names of the party members that are dead and party members that have not paid their dues including those that had defected for one reason or the other.

    “Among the wards that responded was Ward 5 in Andoni. And it clearly showed that he (Secondus) had not paid his dues for the past four years. It is an offence in our party.

    “For six consecutive months, if you have not paid your dues, your membership of the party is questionable. That issue was kept pending because we had to approach the national to present some of these issues.”

    Akawor added, “In his presence, intervention took place and he agreed on all the words that were put down only for him the following week to go globetrotting going from Niger to Ota to continue the course and saying that all that they had agreed was no longer possible.

    “In that case what do you do? He’s not ready to listen to the elders, of course, he is equally not ready to look at the constitution of the party. The members have no option than to go to court and that was the only option.

    “I mentioned that at the ward level they set up a committee inviting him to come and defend those allegations, which if he doesn’t he remains suspended.”

    He said Secondus further kicked against the decision of the Southern governors that the next president should come from the South.

    Akawor said for deciding to run for a second term in office, Secondus was prepared to rock the boat and work against the collective interest of the South.

    He said, “The southern governors took a decision that the presidency should come from the South as an individual or a politician he should have known that it is now time to come home.

    “The position he is occupying is on behalf of the South, he didn’t go there as an Andoni man. He went there because the chairmanship of the party was zoned to the south.

    “If southern governors have taken a decision that they desire the presidency to come from the South he should have known that there is no point trying to rock the boat by kicking and running for second term.”





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