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    Rituals: We Have Trained Herbalists, White Garment Churches, Others To Help In The Fight – Ogun Police Spokesman


    Sep 22, 2022

    Ogun State Police public relations officer, SP Abimbola Oyeyemi has said that the command has trained traditional medicine men, white garment church leaders and others to help in combating ritual-related murder in the state.

    Oyeyemi, while fielding questions during an interview with National Daily Newspaper said that the reason it seemed that ritual killings was more rampant of late is because they are apprehending the perpetrators and their crimes are being exposed to the public.

    He said, “No. It’s not like ritual killing is more rampant here; it’s because we are getting the suspects arrested, and we are not hiding things from the public. The reason we publish the arrests is to make members of the public learn how not to fall victim of ritual killing. Hardly will you find any violent crime we don’t detect in the state because our men are very proactive. Once we are able to lay our hands on it, we quickly let the public know. That’s why people read more of it from Ogun. But ritual killing is happening everywhere.”

    Speaking on the move by security personnel to curb the killings, the image maker said that the state force organized a seminar for traditional medicine practitioners liquor sellers, hunters, and white garment churches.

    He said that during the seminar, the attendees were made to form a task force whose aim would be to fish out non-members who were involved in the unholy act.

    We have organized a seminar for all of the traditional medicine practitioners in Ogun; they attended in large number, and we gave them certificates of participation. In that seminar, we made them set up a task force to help us fish out non-members perpetrating evils in their midst. The task force has even helped us arrest some of the ritual killers. We have also organized seminars for liquor sellers, for hunters, and even for white garment churches. Many others are inviting us to come and address them too so they can sanitize their associations. We do that from time to time,” he added.

    This article was originally published on Naija News


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