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    Ooni’s New Wife, Tobi Phillips Sparks Reactions As Old Video Of Her Blasting Married People Resurfaces


    Oct 10, 2022

    The new wife of the Ooni of Ife, Queen Tobi Philips, has sparked reactions online with an old video of her, blasting married men and women.

    Naija News earlier reported that Ooni earlier today broke the internet with the news of his third marriage to Tobi, which took place on Sunday, October 9, 2022.

    However, some netizens have dug up an old video of Ooni’s new wife berating married men and women who make young people express fear about going into marriage.

    In the video, Tobi questioned men on the reason for getting married when they do not intend to keep their marriage vows.

    She opined that a man’s marriage is a piece of paper if all he does is chase everything under skirts.

    Tobi Philips also took a swipe at women who get married for societal sake and are not ready to build a home with their spouse.

    According to her, many marriages are short-lived and the trend of unfaithfulness among married men and women scares young ladies who want to settle down in marriage.

    The video sparked mixed reactions from many Nigerians, while some claimed she had eaten her own words by marrying Ooni who does not stick to one wife, others said she is pardonable because she might have said those words in ignorance.

    nnediorazu_ wrote: “Motivational speaker don go marry the person chasing everything in skirts”

    akinyemibenedicta wrote: “How will pretty,sound and well educated women end up being 2nd,3rd ,4th wives.Like don’t they have standards o what”

    lord_rhymes2 wrote: “Let me sincere lots of persons would grab the opportunity, marry a first class king like ooni Open so many door”

    tqstingray wrote: “May God give me a woman with one mouth and one face, and not fake ladies like this one . In Jesus name amen you where a motivational speaker yesterday and today you can’t practice what your preach. May God help us in Nigeria what money can not do does not exist.”

    its_jasmined wrote: “If you follow mouth for this life I pity you. But wait fess, how this kabiyesi Dey get all these pretty ladies”

    namsysilas wrote: “Hypocrisy and double standards are practically becoming norm in Nigeria, such that you will struggle to blend or fit in if you ain’t practicing these. It is a way of life.”

    ebbycycluxx_mua wrote: “Motivational speaker isonu, they always do opposite of what they preach, shior”

    burnagirley wrote: “She’s a vert decent girl actually. She’s my good friend but I’m still surprised she can settle to be a third wife when there are plenty guys who ate single who want her . Money is a bastard”

    This article was originally published on Naija News

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