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    Nigerians Lambast Buhari For Naming Abuja Road After President Of Niger Republic


    Mar 17, 2021

    Nigerians have taken to social media to lambast President Muhammadu Buhari over the naming of a road in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), the Outer Southern Expressway (OSEX), after Issoufou Mahamadou, his counterpart from the Niger Republic.

    FCT Minister, Mohammed Bello, in a ceremony in Abuja on Tuesday said the expressway was named after the Nigerien president for his role in the promotion of peace in Africa.

    Bello said, “Earlier today, the first phase of the ongoing Outer Southern Expressway (OSEX) in Abuja was named the ‘Mahamadou Issoufou Expressway’ in honour of the President of the Republic of Niger, Mahamadou Issoufou.

    “The road was named after the Nigerien President by President @MBuhari as a mark of deep appreciation for the maintenance of the brotherly relationship between Nigeria & the Rep. of Niger & in recognition of the Nigerien President’s significant role in the promotion of peace in Africa.”

    In a tweet, the Niger Republic President, Mahamadou said the gesture shows that his relationship with Buhari and that of both countries is ‘excellent’.

    His tweet read, “My brother and friend, @MBuhari, did me the honour to call an Abuja expressway ‘Mahamadou Issoufou expressway’.

    “This testifies, beyond our relations, to the excellent relations that exist between #Nigeria and #Niger. His caring touches me. I thank him very much.” 

    Taking to social media, some Nigerians condemned the action of the President.

    Twitter user, @VictorNwaejike said, “What’s going on in Nigeria? Why is this man behaving as if Nigeria is his personal property? Those who voted this evil (especially those in the South) should be ashamed of themselves. How can one man do all these and everyone carry on as if nothing is happening?” 

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    Another user, @ Kelzpadi, however, replied @VictorNwaejike, saying, “I’m shocked and still wondering if you still have sense… So only the south voted for him. So, nobody from east and west voted?  Try use common sense next time. The entire Nigeria voted especially his fellow zombie followers called APC members.” 

    Also, @AbdulKadiirrrr said, “7 gallant flying soldiers lost their lives in an ill-fated air crash. Buhari who claims to be Nigeria’s president and GCFR didn’t attend their burial which was still in the same Abuja. Today Buhari has honoured the President of Niger Republic by naming Abuja Expressroad after him.” 

    @bluntthinker wrote, “These people are testing Nigerians too much. They are biting too much than they can chew. Why Nigerians are not everywhere on the streets asking questions and demanding answers is what’s baffling me. Why the uncontrollable romance with Niger? What’s really going on? Nigerians ask!”

    Another user, @JabTalks said, “May this “MESS” NEVER happen to Nigeria again. A country is literally on fire and its leader has all the time to engage in such frivolities like a ‘road naming ceremony’. Will God really help Nigeria with leaders like these?”

    @MrFreeNigeria wrote, “What sort of nonsense is this, after constructing a rail line to Niger he’s not satisfied? Buhari should go and name roads in Daura after him. ‪#buhariresignnow ‪#buharimustgo ‪#freeeromz ‪#FreeMahadiShehu ‪#freesolomonakuma.”




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