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    Meet Six Top Nollywood Stars Who Have ‘Defied Aging’


    Sep 22, 2022

    It’s common to find people who look old at forty or young at sixty and it is no exception in the entertainment industry.

    While some Nollywood stars have grown older in the glaring eyes of the public, some do not seem to be aging and it could be genetics or a strict skincare routine.

    In this article, Naija News takes a look at six top Nollywood stars who hold the much-coveted secret of ‘anti-ageing looks’ and many people believe they are aging backwards.

    Kate Henshaw

    1. Kate Henshaw: This veteran actress leaves many people in doubt about her real age. Kate who is 51, looks at least 20 years younger. She often engages in fitness and also shares videos of her workout session on her social media page.

    Richard Mofe-Damijo

    2. Richard Mofe-Damijo: RMD who is 61 has continued to wow fans with how youthful he has remained over the years. Despite his grey beard, it is safe to say the only thing that has changed over time is his sense of style.

    Shaffy Bello

    3. Shaffy Bello: The Nollywood screen diva will be 52 years on October 8, 2022. How she has been able to maintain a good physique and smooth skin is something many people want to know.

    Ramsey Nouah

    4. Ramsey Nouah: The Nollywood ‘sweet boy’ will also be 52 years on December 19, 2022. His freshness makes it hard to believe he is currently 51 years old.

    Ibinabo Fiberesima

    5. Ibinabo Fiberesima: The former president of the Actors’ Guild of Nigeria, is another screen goddess whose age and persona are like improper fractions in mathematics. She has been able to maintain a slim physique over the years, leaving many people in awe.

    Chidi Mokeme

    6. Chidi Mokeme: The veteran actor has graced the screen of many many movie lovers for over a decade serving freshness goals. He marked his 50th birthday on Thursday, March 17, 2022, and penned a lovely tribute online.

    He wrote: Hello 50 I’ve waited a long time for this day. Nice to finally meet you. You don’t look anything like they say though. You look like 30, the one I met 20 years ago. Or is 50 the new 30? Of course, that’s the GRACE factor. Anyways let’s pop some bubbly, fill up our flutes and make a toast We have some catching up to do, then I can share my dreams with you. I’m glad you could make it, so let’s start with, Happy Birthday to me. You know the drill, we’re gonna have fun and enjoy our moments .”

    This article was originally published on Naija News


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