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    Kankara students: PDP Reps renew call for Buhari impeachment


    Dec 18, 2020

    The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) caucus in the House of Representatives Thursday renewed calls for the impeachment of President Muhammadu Buhari over general insecurity, leading to the last weekend’s abduction of over 300 Government of Science Secondary School (GSSS), Kankara in Katsina State

    The PDP lawmakers caucus weeks ago called on Nigerians to prevail on the National Assembly to begin an impeachment process against Buhari over the killing of 43 rice farmers by Boko Haram in Borno State.

    Also at a press conference in Abuja, addressed by leader of the opposition lawmakers, Kingsley Chinda reiterated that the President has to be impeached, blasting him for not visiting the scene of the incident even when he was in Katsina.

    “We reinstate our call on Nigerians across all tribe, religion and Political party to awaken their representatives and Senators to the realities of the moment and rescue Nigeria from this “road to perdition” by evoking their constitutional powers under section 143 of the constitution and commence impeachment proceedings against President Muhammadu Buhari for gross incompetence and breach of section 4 (2)(b) of the constitution.

    “Call on members of the Executive Council to resolve under section 144 of the constitution that the President is incapable of discharging the functions of the office”.

    “It is an open secret that this administration rode into power on plethora of lies; it’s ‘technically-defeated’ partners are now even more brazen than ever, abducting about 333 innocent school boys in President Buhari’s home State of Katsina on Friday 11 December 2020 and traumatised for 6 days in the custody of their captors ironically the same day the President commenced a private visit to his country home and a day after he did not a show up to address the parliament over the worsening insecurity in the country.

    “It is also reported that President Buhari who is in Katsina was able to make out time to visit his farm and inspected his cows but did not consider it important enough to visit Kankara to console with the parents of the pupil’s and visit the scene of one of the worst abductions in the world which dwarfs even the abduction of the Chibok Girls, he said.

    Chinda threatened that the PDP Caucus was heading for the courts to challenge the position of the Attorney-General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami that the National Assembly lacks powers to invite President Buhari to brief it on security matters.

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    He said: “Malami‘s reference to Section 218 (1) of the constitution that security matters remain the exclusive preserve of the executive arm of government because of the president’s power to determine operational use of the armed forces dubiously chose to ignore subsection 4 of that same section which clearly states the National Assembly has the powers to make laws for the regulation of the powers exercisable by the president as commander in chief of the armed forces.

    “Do those who make the laws to regulate the powers exercisable by Mr President as commander in chief not have the statutory right to be briefed by the President on security issues regardless of the sensitivity to enable amend the laws where necessary?

    “The Attorney-General clearly implies the president who was elected under the provisions of the constitution which he swore to uphold is above the law. The caucus shall seek for judicial interpretation of same.

    “Unabashed about peddling more lies, the APC administration has commenced another round of dissemination of misinformation claiming President Buhari stayed away from addressing a Joint Session of the National Assembly because of fears of serious embarrassment by PDP members which is a clear figment of their imagination.

    “It is unfortunate that at this inauspicious juncture in Nigeria’s history Mr President, his administration and the APC as a party continue to pretend as if they do not realize they are already an embarrassment to Nigeria and her citizens and hence need not fear further embarrassment from imaginary sources.

    “It is the hallmark of a true leader to be able to patriotically rally and muster bipartisan support for his administration’s policies and strategies for the general good of all citizens regardless of party inclination and not abdicate his statutory responsibility to his nation on the premise of being afraid of being heckled by members of the opposition which several truly democratic leaders across the world have endured without losing stride or focus”.

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