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    “Imagine El-Rufai Controlling State Police”— Nigerians React To Kaduna Governor’s Abuse Of Power


    May 19, 2021

    Kaduna State Governor Nasiru Ahmed El-Rufai

    Nigerians have overwhelmingly flooded Twitter with comments about the excesses and abuse of power exhibited by the Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State. 

    The power-drunk governor has been threatening leaders of the Nigeria Labour Congress who have organised a five-day strike action and protests in the state. 

    Kaduna State Governor Nasiru Ahmed El-Rufai

    The NLC, led by its President, Aliyu Wabba has brought the state on its knees in the last 48 hours as workers in all sectors joined the strike. 

    The protest is against the alleged injustice of the El-Rufai-led government and the mass sacking of over 60,000 civil servants.

    In the face of the protest, heavily armed thugs believed to have been sponsored by the governor stormed the gathering of the peaceful protesters on Tuesday to disrupt their activities.

    Some also stormed the NLC office in Kaduna on Wednesday. 

    Also, El-Rufai went ahead to declare the NLC President wanted, an action that legal practitioners, human rights groups and eminent individuals have said he lacked the power to do.

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    Furthermore, the Progressives Governors’ Forum which he belongs have cautioned him on the matter, saying he should toe the path of peace.  

    However, the governor in a statement on Tuesday titled, ‘KDSG will not tolerate criminal acts disguised as industrial action’, described the action of the NLC as a “campaign of economic and social sabotage and lawlessness”.

    As Kaduna continues to boil, Nigerian citizens have branded the governor as Hell-Rufai on social media, condemning his despotic and authoritarian tendencies as a political leader with a cruel style of leadership.

    They lashed at him that he could not be trusted with higher constitutional powers as he has been seen as an oppressor of the masses.

    For instance, Bulama Bukarti (@bulamabukarti) tweeted, “El-Rufai’s approach to the NLC is telling of how much the guy respects laws. He, according to the NLC, led the police and armed hoodlums to fight them, his government likened the NLC to bandits and declared its president wanted. Today, he dismissed all nurses below GL14 without due process.”

    He continued, saying, “El-Rufai is a poor student of history. He unleashed similar impunity when he was FCT minister and then had gone on self-imposed exile when his boss left office. Apparently, he didn’t learn a thing. If this man succeeds in his presidential ambition, what kind of a country will we become?”

    In his own comments, Onye Nkuzi (@cchukudebelu) posted, “El-Rufai, like Buhari before him, does not believe in ‘dialogue’. He believes he is always right, with all the answers. This is not what we need; we need an open and honest dialogue on the way forward as a nation – or we’ll have no nation in a few decades.”

    “Those Pastors that invited El-rufai to speak on governance at their events should hide their faces,” FS Yusuf (@FS_Yusuf_) said. 

    “El-Rufai called Chidi Odinkalu a liar for telling the world public schools, hospitals, etc. in Kaduna were shut. But then in his typically insane response to issues like this, he goes on to sack nurses and lecturers in Kaduna for joining the strike. Where is the lie?” Umar Sa’ad Hassan (@Alaye_100) tweeted.

    Demola Olarewaju (@DemolaRewaju) quoted what the Nigerian Senate concluded about the governor in 2008 as, “’We came to the inevitable conclusion that Nasir El-Rufai is not a fit and proper person to hold public office in a democratic set-up.’ The Nigerian Senate in 2008 placing a ban on a sadist from holding public office ever again – true then, even truer now.”

    “The nemesis that is destined for Buhari has decided to hand-pick El-Rufai as a bonus,” Temu Osirim (@MrTemu) said. 

    Richard Ali @richardalijos wrote, “Increasingly, one sees patterns beneath the El-Rufai bashing. Read long enough and you’ll find themes being reiterated. Hold steady @elrufai. While I wish you’d started these things earlier, make it that by the time you leave #Kaduna, there can be no return to the status quo.”




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