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    ByBuchii Perfect

    Mar 10, 2023

    Peter Obi contested the presidential election in 2023, during which many Nigerians have been fed with lies, among which are Igbo people have not built bridges across regions.

    To the best of my knowledge, Peter Obi represents all Nigerians and tribes who want Nigeria to move forward. 
    Upon review of the situation, I realized most regions in Nigeria particularly Northerners have been voting for candidates because they are from their region and believe just like them  Igbo people want to vote for Obi because he is Igbo. Not at all, in short for about 45 years now, this is the first time in history; the Southeast is supporting their own.

    I have heard some people saying Igbos not building bridges or forming alliances with others. This is totally a lie, distraction, and blackmail.

    Talking about Igbo alliance/bridge building:
    Among other Igbos, Rochas Okorocha joined them to form this APC as an Apga Governor, is he not Igbo? Is it not alliance/bridge building?

    Nwobodo and Ekwueme are among the founding fathers of PDP that have produced the presidency of other tribes for 16 years; are they not Igbos? Is it not alliance/bridge building?

    Southeast/Igbo people voted Obasanjo a Yoruba, is it not bridge building?

    Southeast/Igbos voted Yaradua a Fulani, is it not bridge building?

    Southeast/Igbos voted Goodluck an Ijaw man, is it not bridge building,

    Southeast/Igbos voted Atiku 2019 a Fulani man, is it not bridge building?

    Southeast/Igbos voted Shagari, is it not bridge building?

    Southeast/Igbos voted Abiola a Yoruba, is it not bridge building?

    Please where did they want them to build these bridges to or from again? Igbos didn’t vote all their own that previously contested from Zik in 1979, Ojukwu to Ekwueme,  but voted for other tribes and regions.

    While all these Southeast/Igbos bridge buildings were going on instead of you guys appreciating the democratic culture of Igbos and emulate it for the betterment of Nigeria, rather we hear something like Igbos don’t love themselves, Igbos are not united, etc.

    For the first time in 44 years, Igbo masses are supporting an Igbo man ( not because he is Igbo, but based on competency, transparency, good character, and the need to eliminate the suffering of the masses ), and now we are hearing build bridge. Which bridge?

    Alex Ekwueme contested the PDP primary in 1999 with Obasanjo and did not bother contesting in 2007 because Obasanjo a Southerner has just completed 8 years of tenure in the office, and believed it is the turn of the North to produce a president. Now it is the turn of the Southeast to produce a president, Atiku a Fulani man seeing 8 years of the North had been fully completed ruled by a Fulani man, still came out to contest, and Kwankwaso a northerner came out to contest too; now which bridge is this? Who is building or destroying the bridge here?

    Professor Humphrey Nwosu the NEC chairman 1993, an Igbo man risked his life and insisted on calling true results that made Abiola, a Yoruba man the winner of the June 12 election, even when the IBB government preferred Tofa, and asked him to stop announcing the results. Today, the INEC chairman of 2023, Professor Yakubu, a Fulani man, violated INEC guidelines and asked Nigerians to go to court. Between this Igbo man and Fulani man both of which have held the same office, who is building the bridge and who is destroying it? And who should be trusted?

    Please let us tell ourselves the truth and move the country forward by insisting on having the best candidate among the competing options so that Nigeria’s people will not prefer sleeping in the streets of London to being in Nigeria so that you will not be a suspect in foreign countries simply because you are a Nigerian.

    Northern masses are the poorest in Nigeria, the main reason being that often most of them think about themselves only and in the election period they choose their own tribes to govern irrespective whether they are good or bad candidates; who are often bad candidates to serve Nigeria in general; Igbo in the other hand have a better standard of living because they think about everybody (others mistaking it they don’t love themselves), extend their commercial activity all over the country, and in election period most of them won’t bother coming to vote if there are no good candidates, as they believe they don’t deserve their time, those who will come out to vote would choose the best product among the contestants irrespective of the tribe of the candidates.

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