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    Harrysong Reacts To Soso Soberekon Demands Over Defamatory Statements


    Oct 5, 2022

    Nigerian singer, Harrison Okiri, popularly known as Harrysong, has replied music executive, Soso Soberekon, over his demands concerning a recent defamatory statements.

    Naija News earlier reported that Harrysong in a recent interview opined that all the friendships in the music industry are fake.

    He also stated that Soso was his enemy as he alleged that the music executive sent some people to kill him in Port Harcourt.

    In his words: “90% of all the friendships are fake. There are people I’ve been working with for years. If you call their names you go say na Harry guy be this. Dem no be my guy,” he said in the episode aired via YouTube on Monday.

    “As a matter of fact, those are my real enemies. If you see Soso now, you’ll say Soso is my friend. Soso is not my friend, Soso is my enemy. He sent people to come and kill me in Port Harcourt, no jokes. Ask my team, ask everyone.”

    It Is Very Disappointing

    Responding, Soso in a post shared on his Instagram page, expressed disappointment at Harrysong, questioning why the singer would make such a reckless and defamatory statement.

    In a court document shared online, Soso demanded the immediate retraction of Harrysong’s statement, an apology and N500 million compensation.

    He further urged his supporters to remain calm as he would address the issue properly and legally.

    Harrysong Reacts

    In a post shared on his Instagram story, Harrysong made a mockery of the demands, questioning why Soso would sue him on social media.

    The singer also hurled insults at the music executive.

    He wrote: “You day sue me for social media, Dem ask you question? Ab you see go for interview? With our small prick and flat blockus, empty konkom, you go chi Chun thin”

    This article was originally published on Naija News

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