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    Ganduje Harasses Activist’s Family With Policemen In Kaduna, Katsina For Questioning How COVID-19 Funds Are Spent


    Mar 28, 2021

    Barrister Saida Saad Bugaje
    Barrister Saida Saad Bugaje

    Governor Abdullahi Ganduje of Kano State has continued to intimidate the family of a human rights activist and lawyer, Sa’ida Sa’ad-Bugaje, with policemen trailing her family members to neighbouring Katsina and Kaduna states.

    SaharaReporters gathered that one of the “offences” of Sa’ad-Bugaje was that she criticized Ganduje over the alleged mismanagement of COVID-19 funds in Kano, her home state.

    Barrister Saida Saad-Bugaje

    Some months back, Sa’ad-Bugaje, wife of Dr Usman Bugaje, a renowned politician, was also subjected to harassment by persons believed to be the governor’s henchmen. She was almost whisked away by personnel claiming to be working for the authorities in her state.

    Sa’ad-Bugaje could have been arrested if not for the intervention of the police and government of a neighbouring state.

    In an update sent to SaharaReporters on Saturday, Sa’ad-Bugaje explained that the policemen being deployed by Ganduje had in the last week been trailing her family members to Katsina and Kaduna states, without a court order and any established crime.

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    Sa’ad-Bugaje lamented that the governor, instead of following legal channels to address his grievances, rather resorted to witch-hunt and using the police to harass his perceived critics and opponents.

    In an update sent to SaharaReporters, she said, “The Kano State police led by OC Legal Nura was in Katsina (my husband’s state) on Wednesday searching for me. On Friday, they also visited my home in Kaduna at 2pm and tried to force themselves into the premises, if not for the determination of the people at the gate.

    “It still baffles me why with a court order against this unruly behaviour, the police continue to harass us. The governor should be advised that there are legal channels and more civilised ways of seeking redress for his claims of defamation of character. Our courts have rules and procedures which his lawyers should guide him through.

    “They must equally understand that they are exposing their illegal, ill-informed and ill-intentioned action against me not only to the Nigerian population but to the entire world. The world is now a global village and there are many avenues I can seek redress for his continuous and relentless harassment of my person and my entire family including my little boys who are terrified and confused with this unending ordeal.”




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