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    Fayemi, APC Disillusioned on Ekiti, Says Jolayemi


    Jun 4, 2022
    Fayemi, APC Disillusioned on Ekiti, Says Jolayemi

    … Oni Won’t Borrow to Prosecute Election
    It does look, from all indications that we may not have seen an end to the ugly cycle in which one has to respond to the silliness and imbecility of the outgoing ruling party of Governor Kayode Fayemi whose dwindling popularity and acceptability within and outside the shores of Ekiti appear to have destabilise their camp.

    Just when we thought they had emptied their sack, the All Progressives Congress (APC) has again manufactured a new set of lies, alleging that the flag bearer of the Social Democratic Party (SDP)and leading candidate in the forthcoming Ekiti state election, Chief Segun Oni is borrowing money from a certain former head of state and a certain governor, both of who they chose to withhold their names.

    While it is understandable that Oni’s popularity should, and must be confounding, it remains uncharitable that Fayemi and his drowning party would see any prospect in going down the pit of hell to exhume such wicked lies as opposed to repairing their already damaged image.

    Their utter confusion lies in the fact that a man who they had painted as poor and incapable of funding the campaign stands strong at forefront of the battle. The truth is Oni personifies the conscience of Ekiti.

    That explains why his popularity continues to soar far beyond expectation and comprehension, every step of the way.

    First, the sinking APC could not disclose the identities of any of their alleged money lenders. Not even the author of the outright concoction had the courage to take ownership of his own writing. Too bad.

    A statement by the chairman of the Media Advisory Council of the Segun Oni Campaingn Organisation, Moses Jolayemi described the latest propaganda as unfounded and irresponsible of the Fayemi-led regime just days to an election that promises to emancipate Ekiti people from mental and financial slavery of the last eight years of misrule and thievery.

    Oni, according to Jolayemi, has no reason to borrow and would not contemplate that because he has what matters more than money. And that is the people. Again, that is what has slipped away from Fayemi and his boy, Biodun Oyebanji.

    It is on record that the Fayemi regime, has, in the last four years, reportedly siphoned billions of naira through its phony micro-credit scheme headed by one Akin Fasae, according to Jolayemi.
    We were stunned to see a recent public statement made by the Ekitit State Departmental Staff Cooperative Multipurpose Union where it alleged that this government is currently owing all the cooperative societies across all the state Ministries, Departments and Agencies over N5.7billion naira through illegal deductions.

    Not less than 56 Presidents of the Cooperative societies in the state are said to have jointly signed a letter written to the Chief of Staff to Fayemi on May 26 this year seeking justice in the payment of the statutory emoluments of all categories of workers in Ekiti.

    Ekiti Pensioners, have also reportedly revealed through the national leadership of the Nigeria Union of Pensioners (NUP) that Fayemi is owing them N38 billion, contrary to the governor’s deliberate denial that his government does not owe the pensioners.

    “We are fully aware of the embarrassment this government faces; that a man who left office 12 years ago and ordinarily should have been long forgotten is the same man the entire Ekiti populace is clamouring and canvassing so vigorously for his return” Jolayemi declared.

    “Unfortunately, much as we understand their pains and predicaments, there is little or nothing we can do to help them. Clearly, Fayemi and company have boxed themselves into a dark corner this time around.

    Ekiti people have decided to take their destiny in their own hands and their determination would be made manifest, come June 18, God willing. No amount of lies, propaganda and smear campaign can change that, Jolayemi posited, urging the teeming supporters of Oni to troop out en-masse and vote for the man in whom they have found the true essence of ‘Omoluabi’

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