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    Ekiti people will not accept absentee governor again -Group


    May 31, 2022
    Ekiti people will not accept absentee governor again -Group

    ….Asks Oyebanji, APC to concede defeat

    A pro-Segun Oni group, the Ekiti Build Back Better (EBBB), has said that since the state governor, Dr John Kayode Fayemi, has owned up to being an absentee governor who preferred to rule Ekiti from diaspora, the admission is a clear signal of what Ekiti people should expect, if his “anointed boy” and the All Progressive Congress (APC) governorship candidate, Mr. Biodun Oyebanji, is elected as the next governor of the state.

    The EBBB quoted Oyebanji as telling Ekiti people during his electioneering campaign that he would continue with ‘the good works, policies and styles” of his boss which he adjudged to be the best style of governance.

    In the light of this, the EBBB advised the APC to concede defeat without delay to the Social Democratic Party (SDP) governorship candidate, Segun Oni, “because Ekiti people will not vote for an absentee governor-son who is certain to continue with the policies and style of his political father,” noting that the state’s meagre resources won’t continued to be expended on frivolities.

    The EBBB spokesman, Idowu Adelusi, has through a press statement made available to journalists in Ado-Ekiti on Sunday, said Fayemi, during a popular television programme, had said “I do spend more time in Abuja than Ekiti. I know some people feel it. Certainly, I spend more time in Abuja. But you know, that shouldn’t bother anyone beyond perception level, bother.

    “‘It is whether it is telling on my performance as a governor that should be worrying.”

    Adelusi, therefore, asked if Fayemi did tell Ekiti people when he was canvassing for their votes for the second term that he would stay mostly outside the state to rule them by proxy. “Surely, his absentee governance has robbed Ekiti State essential duties and responsibilities of good governance.”

    He said that apart from the huge money which the governor had expended so far on chartered flights and maintaining himself, the aides, security and unforeseen contingencies which has been a big drainpipes on the state’s meager resources, not many Ekiti people outside the state capital have seen the governor physically since he was sworn in on October 16, 2018.
    “He is an invisible governor.”

    The group’s spokesman continued: “In a democracy, governance requires the president or governor to be around his people physically; he should be accessible, touched, talked to and has to be seen during an emergency period within shortest possible time.”

    According to Adelusi, Fayemi had stated that his style of governance shouldn’t bother those who elected him; the group’s spokesman then asked, “who should feel bothered or burdened?, wondering if the votes he got to become the governor were not legitimate.
    “Whereas, in developed countries where we copied democracy from, governance is regarded as a serious business,” he said.

    “During the first term administration of Asiwaju Segun Oni, Ekiti people witnessed good governance; a government of the people by the people; he wasn’t an absentee governor or one junketing about.

    “He never grandstanded, but saw governance as a serious business. That was responsible for the monumental achievement of his administration in all strata.

    “That administration has till date remained the darling of Ekiti people, especially the workers and pensioners who got their pay regularly and were never owed a dime.

    “He didn’t borrow a dime and did not plunge the state into debt; and he left N10 billion, security votes, and two months’ salary in the government coffers. These were possible because Oni is ‘Mr. Due Process’ and a prudent manager par excellence,” he said.

    Adelusi, therefore, called on the Ekiti people not to waste their time thinking on Oyebanji because providence has revealed early what to expect from him as governor, rather, they should go for the best product (Segun Oni) that they have tasted before and which quality has refused to diminish.

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