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    Chimamanda Adichie Tells Youths What They Must Do To Succeed


    Oct 8, 2022

    Award winning Nigerian novelist and author, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has urged youths across the globe to dedicate more time to reading if they must do well in life.

    Naija News reports that Adichie made this known while delivering her speech at The Harvard Centre Honors, Massachusetts, US, where she received W.E.B Du Bois Medal honour on Thursday.

    The 45-year-old author said she fled Nigeria to avoid studying Medicine as wanted by her parents saying “I was made to tell stories.”

    After giving a hint into how she was received by her family in the US who necessitated her remarkable literary career, she then admonished youths to imbibe reading culture.

    She said, “The most meaningful thing for me as a writer is to know that I can create something that means something to other people. And so what moves me the most is to hear from people who have read me and who say, your work made me feel seen, your work made me think differently, your work made me feel that I was not alone.

    “And I’m so grateful for this award because again it just makes me feel that what I’m doing matters and it’s a gift to feel what you’re doing matters.

    “For the young people who are here, if you care about anything, please care about reading, reading is so important, reading is magical, books are magical.

    “And I really think that one of the best ways to counter what seems to me to be a really ugly tsunami of book bannings going around in this country is to read. The only way that we can answer to censorship of books is to read books.”

    Speaking about embracing books at the expense of social media, Adichie said, “And so for you young people, I just want to make a very small suggestion, how about you give up social media for you know, two weeks, three weeks, a month, and read, read, read.”

    This article was originally published on Naija News

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