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    Buhari Working To Keep APC In Power For A Long Time


    Jun 11, 2021

    President Muhammadu Buhari has said he is doing all he can to keep the All Progressives Congress (APC) in power for as long as possible.

    Naija News reports that the president stated this in an exclusive interview with NTA on Friday night.

    He said everything possible is being done to make the party formidable.

    “We are doing all we can to make the APC to be in power for as long as possible.

    “That is why we carried out the revalidation exercise. From state to state; local government to local government and ward by ward,” he said.

    Meanwhile, the president also stated that his administration has not performed badly.

    He said, “Well, I want Nigerians to be fair to this administration.

    “They should reflect seriously on the time we came in especially as far as the North East and the South-South is concerned.

    “Where we are now, resources, how much we are producing. The previous administration before me was producing 2.1 million per day at 100 American dollars per barrel.

    “When we came in, militants in the South-South were unleashed on this administration and production went down to half a million barrels per day and then in the market, oil price collapsed.

    “I will like Nigerians to reflect on these in terms of resources in time and I believe that we have not done very badly.”

    This article was originally published on Nigeria News

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