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    Buhari Not In Charge Of Nigeria As Commander-in-Chief –Ijaw Youth Council


    Jan 8, 2022

    President Buhari

    The Ijaw Youth Council has berated President Muhammadu Buhari for failing to inaugurate a substantive board for the Niger Delta Development Commission.

    The group queried if the President was still in charge of Nigeria as Commander-in-Chief, saying from all indications, he had lost control of his government.

    President Buhari

    Peter Timothy Igbifa, National President of IYC, in a statement described Buhari’s action as an anomaly.

    Igbifa noted that the tenure for the NDDC sole administrator expired on December, 31, 2021.

    He said, “Something is certainly wrong somewhere as to who runs the country as president. 

    “The normal Buhari that the common Nigerian knows would have inaugurated the NDDC board at least as a new year gift to the Niger Delta people who gave him the good will of regional peace like no other.”

    Speaking on the environmental damages the activities of multinational oil companies have caused states in the Niger Delta region, the council expressed resolve to inaugurate environmental specialists to assess the level of damage on the environment and come up with strategic blueprint that would serve as a basis for their environmental advocacy ahead of the UN Assembly 2022.

    The council further expressed plan to address the UN congress on the abandoned Niger Delta wetland, which is the third largest in the world, stressing that they would not relent in advocating and engaging other means to drive the wetland conservation until they receive the $5billion grant meant for the Niger Delta people.

    The Ijaw group also said they would take deliberate legal actions both locally and internationally on oil multinationals operating in the region due to their detrimental ways of oil exploration and continuous gas flaring, noting that they would expose all Niger Deltans involved in any form of ground conspiracy against their united course even as they said they would tackle their enemies through the law.




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