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    BNXN Fires Shots At Colleagues Over Slang Theft


    Oct 4, 2022

    Popular singer, BNXN has called out some of his colleagues in the music industry using his slangs in their music.

    The singer took to his Instagram story on Monday to make a reference about certain people who criticized his slangs because they do not understand it, but now use the same slang.

    Not mentioning names of those he was referring to, BNXN wrote; ”First, they don’t understand it, then they copy it. When me and my people were saying ”EZZ Going” LAST year Niggas were like?? Now everybody be saying ”EZZ Going/ OTIOLO.”

    A fan, however, countered him, saying: ”That Mushin slang since 2018” and he replied; ‘You and your Mushin niggas are lying. And nobody is talking about waving, dummy.’

    All Friendship In Industry Are Fake’ – Singer Harrysong Spills

    Meanwhile, Nigerian singer, Harrison Okiri, popularly known as Harrysong, has opined that 90 per cent of friendships in the music industry are fake as most people pretend.

    Naija News reports that the singer made this known during a podcast titled ‘frankly speaking’, stating that all the friendships in the music industry are all for selfish gains.

    According to the singer, 90 per cent of the friendships in the industry are fake and there are quite a number of people that others may assume are his friends but they are not.

    Harrysong called out popular music producer, SoSo, stressing that people may think they are friends but they are enemies.

    In his words: “90 percent of friendship, my guy my gee are all fake, there are people I have been working with for years, If I call their name, you go say na R guy be this, they no be my guys see as a matter of fact, those are my real enemies, if you see SoSo, you will say he is my friend, no SoSo na my enemy.”

    This article was originally published on Naija News


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