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    Ashmusy Reveals Source Of Wealth Amidst Rumours Of Being Bankrolled By Potbellied Sugar Daddy


    Oct 10, 2022

    Popular Nigerian skit maker Amarachi Amusi, popularly known as Ashmusy, has opened up on the source of her wealth following claims that she is being bankrolled by a sugar daddy.

    Naija News reports that some days back a picture of a potbellied man in the reflection of her photo went viral online.

    However, speaking via a lengthy post on Instagram, the influencer explained that she gets her money from advertisements on her pages.

    She stated that most people are not aware that some influencers earn N50m and more in a month.

    She argued that people who were stating that she was being bankrolled were speaking out of ignorance as they were not aware of how much Facebook and Youtube pay.

    She wrote, “I see a lot of people saying they are waiting for blogs to post the man that got me my car Una go wait tire dear.. Kos that man is very very non-existent! Na me go give the man money.

    “Are they not aware that some influencers earn 50m and more in a month ? Not to talk of an influencer that also has a big active business?

    “Kaii ignorance choke 000 OP, You haven’t heard of what Facebook and YouTube pays? Or you think I charge 20k for my adverts ?

    “I charge in millions for my ads sweeties, and I post a lot of ads.. Lol do the maths.”

    This article was originally published on Naija News

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