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    APC Women Leader Reveals When Tinubu Will Return To Nigeria


    Oct 5, 2022

    The Lagos State All Progressives Congress (APC) Women Leader, Jumoke Okoya-Thomas, has said the party’s presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu, would return to Nigeria within the next 48 hours.

    She stated that the former Governor of Lagos State was resting abroad and would return to the country after his vacation is over.

    Okoya-Thomas made this known while appearing on Arise Television’s Morning Show on Wednesday.

    According to the APC chieftain, Tinubu has never spent more than two weeks outside the country and this will not be an exception.

    She said: “I’m a women leader. He will show up very soon, within the next 48 hours. I know Asiwaju. He has never spent more than two weeks outside. Go and Google. Even my own self, when I’m not well. I quickly run out to take a rest.

    I am not saying he’s not well. I said, my little self here, when I need to rest, I quickly go out. We all go out to rest.”

    Okoya-Thomas also accused supporters of the Labour Party Presidential candidate, Peter Obi, of embarking on propaganda against political opponents.

    She, however, commended the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), for not embarking on a campaign of calumny.

    She said, “One thing I like about Atiku is that he does not embark on this campaign of calumny like Obidients.

    This article was originally published on Naija News


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