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    APC Can’t Escape God’s Judgement For Damaging Nigeria – Dele Momodu


    Apr 12, 2022

    Media mogul and chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Dele Momodu has called on the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) to apologize to Nigerians.

    Momodu in a statement on Tuesday said before coming into power, APC made many lofty promises to Nigerians but has failed to fulfill the promises since taking over the mantle of leadership.

    He lamented that apart from failing to fulfill its promises, the APC has also plunged Nigerians into greater misery and poverty.

    His statement titled ‘Dele Momodu Asks APC To Apologise To Nigerians,’ reads in part: “Nigeria is at crossroads and things can no longer continue as business as usual. No God-fearing citizen can excuse and readily dismiss the gross incompetence and ineptitude of a ruling government that was exceptionally high on promises but abysmally low on deliverables and performances.

    “Nigeria deserves massive apologies from the APC apparatchiks who should be ashamed of the magnitude of damage they have wreaked on our long-suffering nation. No amount of fanciful diction, deceptive sophistry, pedantic casuistry or mendacious demagoguery can rescue them from the judgment of God for plunging our country and its people into unprecedented misery and penury.”

    Momodu who is a 2023 presidential hopeful added that he is ready and capable to correct the wrongs brought on Nigerians by the APC, urging the PDP to give him its presidential ticket.

    He called on the PDP not to give its ticket to the highest bidder but to allow a fresh leader without all the baggage, misadventure, mishaps and failures of the past to emerge.

    He urged the opposition party to avoid the temptation of recycling old leaders which might just end up becoming a case of putting new wine in old wine bottles, arguing that the people want real change.

    “I’m working hard and praying that our esteemed Party, PDP, and its members, most especially our super delegates, would resist all temptations from highest bidders and put country above pecuniary expectations, and deem it fit to give me the ticket to represent our Party at the forthcoming 2023 General Elections,” he said.

    “We must demonstrate to Nigerians, and the world at large, that we are ready to offer our people a fresh beginning in a new world order propelled by education and knowledge.”

    “Becoming President of Nigeria should not be about the promotion and elevation of self as a result of previous lengthy political appointments. Getting to be Nigeria’s President should be a matter of offering oneself humbly and honourably in order to serve our Fatherland to the best of our abilities.

    “What Nigeria needs is a fresh leader, someone shorn of all the baggage, misadventure, mishaps and failures of the past. A charismatic leader and bridge-builder, with global experience and exposure, capable of assembling and commanding a combined and novel team of technocrats and politicians whose sole desire is to change their country for the better, rather than for self-aggrandisement and pillaging. This is the kind of President that is required to lead our country out of the drudgery and doldrums. I believe that I am that person and Leader.

    “Our people truly have hope for a better future. They know that this will not come from a rehash or regurgitation of the same old wine in new bottles. They want real change. I have been a change agent most of my adult life. I believe that in the same vein, our reinvigorated Party should entrust me with the role of the change catalyst in Nigeria. I am new and untainted and primed for this task. Together, our future is bright and assured,” Momodu added.

    This article was originally published on Nigeria News

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