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    Actor Kunle Remi Speaks On Challenges Of Switching From ‘Lover Boy’ Role To His Character In Anikulapo


    Sep 30, 2022

    Nollywood actor, Kunle Remi, has opened up on the challenges of breaking out from his stereotypical character of ‘Lover Boy’ to playing an epic character in ‘Anikulapo’.

    Naija News reports that veteran filmmaker, Kunle Afolayan, released his much-awaited epic movie ‘Anikulapo’ on Netflix today.

    Kunle Remi who played the lead character in a chat with Legit noted that featuring in the movie was an excellent experience, however, it was challenging to speak the Yoruba Language throughout the movie.

    According to him, it was a whole different level of experience but he gave his best and looks forward to how people would accept and react to it.

    On switching from his popular ‘lover boy’ roles to an epic character, Kunle noted he is an actor and would do whatever it takes to blend into any character.

    He said: “I had to speak Yoruba all through, not just any type of Yoruba but the proper native one, which is the Oyo empire’s Yoruba; It was very physical. However, first thing first is that every character is challenging because its not me, I’m not playing myself, so I see every character as a challenge it is just that the grade is different.

    “I think this role came at the right time, and I absolutely gave everything to it, and I am looking forward to seeing how people would accept it and react to it. I’m an actor, so I would do whatever it takes for me to become whoever I need to become because I’m an actor and very good one at that.

    “Everything was challenging from reading the script, to doing a fully fledged Yoruba project, up until getting on set, filming for 42-days, a whole lot went into it, and everything in it’s own phase was challenging. I can also say it was very physical, it was very emotional, it was whole trip on a different level that I haven’t experienced for a long time.”

    This article was originally published on Naija News


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