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    2023:Why Nigeria needs a third force – Ituah Ighodalo


    Jun 30, 2021

    Nigeria needs a third-force political platform to provide alternative to the citizens away from the two biggest parties in the country, according to Ituah Ighodalo, Senior Pastor of Trinity House Church, Lagos.

    He also questioned the ability of the two big parties to solve the nation’s woes.

    Ighodalo stated this on Wednesday in an interview on a television breakfast programme in Lagos monitored by BusinessDay.

    He said it was obvious that those that would contest the presidential tickets in the nation’s two biggest parties, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), in 2023 are known already, noting that the parties could not present the best presidential candidates to solve Nigeria’s woes with their present composition.

    “We need a third force the way the parties are structured now, the people that would come out as presidential aspirants are known probably four or five of them. The way the parties are constituted now I am not sure they would give us the best,” Ighodalo said.

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    Ighodalo, who is also Managing Partner, SIAO, an independent Nigerian professional services firm, lamented that young Nigerians who ought to ignited the political environment in the country in 2023 had been been scared away with the manner they were treated by the government during the ENDSARS protest.

    On the agitations for zoning of the presidency in 2023, Ighodalo aid it was not the best for the country, because it may not lead to the emergence of the best candidates, adding that zoning create the mindset of division which was inappropriate for Nigeria.

    He said the zoning arrangement was unhealthy for Nigeria and was part of the British and plan to divide the country for their selfish interest, stressing that he was not bothered who rule, but was rather concern about the emerging of the best candidate with intention to serve the people.

    The pastor further said, the country should rather restructure and de-emphasize centralization which was imposed on Nigeria by the military.

    According to him,”Zoning is not appropriate because it about divide what we have. Zoning is wrong; in school you want the best in class, Nigeria have not created that environment to choose the best candidate. It does not mater who rule, but the best should rule. The zoning arrangement was planted by the British for their interest.
    They put the best in jail. they know if the best rule they would would not do all they were doing”.

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