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    2023: Why We Bought APC Presidential Forms For Jonathan – Northern Group


    May 10, 2022

    A Fulani group, Nomadic Pastoralists and the Almajiri Communities has been identified as the group that picked up the nomination and expression of interest forms for former President Goodluck Jonathan.

    Naija News had reported that a Northern group had visited the International Conference Center (ICC) on Monday to obtain the APC presidential forms for the former president.

    Speaking with newsmen on Monday, the leader of the group, Ibrahim Abdullahi, said they decided to obtain the forms for Jonathan to enable him to return to power and complete the good work he had started.

    Abdullahi said the former President tried to reform the Almajiri system into the country’s educational system during his tenure and also tried to educate the Fulani pastoralists.

    He, however, said a lot of interest groups had been gearing up to pick the forms for Jonathan but they needed to purchase the form to beat the deadline.

    “It was the dream and the vision of President Jonathan to produce doctors, lawyers and engineers from Almajarai, but unfortunately, that laudable vision was abandoned once he left office.

    “Another group that he tried to develop was the Fulani pastoralists. I believe if this government has continued with his vision, Nigeria would have become Denmark, the Holland of entire Africa, in terms of livestock production, in terms of milk, beef and so on,” he said.

    It was gathered that a governor of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) bought the presidential forms for the former Nigerian leader.

    Meanwhile, Jonathan has said he did not have any prior knowledge about the purchase of the APC presidential forms and did not authorize the group to obtain them on his behalf.

    This article was originally published on Nigeria News

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