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    2023 Presidential Election: Setting Greater Heights and Better Opportunities with Kashim Shettima

    ByBunu Sadiq

    Nov 9, 2022
    2023 Presidential Election: Setting Greater Heights and Better Opportunities with Kashim Shettima

    Trusted and Approved to Run a Vision

    Where there is no vision, the people perish. Every nation needs that vision code to sustain the test of time. This can only be done by the fearless that is ready to transform the lives of people for good. A man who is worthy of the people, speaks with one voice, listens to the needs and wants of the people, and finds a way out of nothing to accomplish those goals. That man is the true leader, Kashim Shettima.

    He has done it once, he can do it again and even better. Kashim Shettima has been able to turn challenges into opportunities for the people of Borno State. The whole state sings his praise at any given opportunity. Kashim Shettima served the people of Borno State as their Governor for 8 years, and within these years of service – he has achieved way more than what was planned for the people of Borno State even though what was achieved didn’t easy, Kashim Shettima was trusted enough to make things work by turning an opportunity into a pretty situation for Borno State.

    Achievements of Kashim Shettima as Governor

    The achievements of Kashim Shettima didn’t only favor the people of Borno State, but also the non-indigenes who come to Borno State to either do business or work. The accomplishments of Kashim Shettima show that he has the skill and willpower for rapid transformation. Some of these are;

    • Security –if we all can recall that one of the issues faced by Borno State was the issue of security. These affected the non-indigenes because they were unable to transact thereby putting a halt to their businesses. There was an urgent need for a change. Kashim Shettima came in and restored peace in every zone.
    • Job Creation – the government of Kashim Shettima created jobs through the use of strategic initiatives to cater to the needs of people in Borno State. Hundreds of youth have emerged as graduates as a result of these initiatives powered by Kashim Shettima.
    • IDPs – The government of Kashim Shettima during his time as Governor went aggressively strong to make sure that there was support for the internally displaced persons. It was counted as a huge challenge but the later result was recorded as a success. A lot of Non-indigenes were counted among these displaced persons but the kind and receptive heart of Governor Shettima still catered to everyone.
    • Infrastructure – this was a major hit for the then Governor which was recorded as a huge success story. These projects were started during his first tenure. It aimed to better the mobility of non-indigenes staying in Borno State to carry out their daily activities for exponential growth. Every non-indigene can testify to the fact that Kashim Shettima is indeed a trusted fellow who hasn’t only catered for the people of Borno State but every non-indigene so they can benefit from the kind gestures of the Governor.

    The good deeds of Kashim Shettima continue as only time can tell if given the burden to lift Nigeria once again. The time is now and we have the power in our hands to elevate the chosen one to the rightful place where he belongs.

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    COURTESY:  Bunu Sadiq Ibrahim.

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