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    2023: Kingsley Moghalu Condemns ‘Igbo Presidency’, States His Reason


    Dec 21, 2020

    Moghalu dumps YPP

    Former presidential candidate in the 2019 general elections, Kingsley Moghalu has condemned the use of the phrase ‘Igbo Presidency’.

    The economist in a post on his Twitter account on Monday, December 21 noted that the focus should be on having a President from the Southeast instead of using the phrase ‘Igbo presidency’.

    According to him, ’emphasizing the ethnic origin without the national context is the wrong emphasis.’

    Moghalu said he was not sure if the ‘Fulani presidency’ had done anything good for the country, and hence Nigerians, Southeastern people especially, should focus on the race to produce the country’s next leader from the region rather than using the phrase which he considers as problematic.

    He tweeted: “The phrase “Igbo presidency” is problematic. We should speak of a Nigerian President from the Southeast. Not sure what good the “Fulani presidency” has done the country, including the north. Emphasizing the ethnic origin without the national context is the wrong emphasis.”

    See the tweet below;

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    Meanwhile, Prominent Igbos including Ukiwe, Nwodo, Anyim have begun fighting for their region to rule Nigeria in 2023.

    These Igbos are looking for the support of Nigerians because they say it is time for the president to emerge from their region, Naija News reports.

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