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    2023: Jonathan Sends Message To Tinubu, Peter Obi, Atiku And Other Candidates


    Jun 9, 2022

    Ahead of the 2023 general election, former President Goodluck Jonathan has sent an important message to presidential candidates of all political parties.

    In a statement shared on Twitter, Jonathan said the emergence of the flag bearers after submitting to a rigorous primary election demonstrate their belief and interest in the progress of the nation.

    The former president urged the various party candidates to conduct their political campaigns in a manner devoid of resentment, divisiveness and treachery.

    According to Jonathan, no ambition is worth the life of another and candidates must shun violence and acts that will encourage any form of bloodletting.

    The statement reads: “I congratulate the winners of the various primaries across the political spectrum, Your emergence as the flagbearers of your parties after submitting yourselves to a rigorous selection and election processes demonstrate your belief and interest in the progress of our nation.

    “As you progress towards the electioneering campaigns, it is important that the issues confronting the country and credible solutions take centre stage.

    “I urge you to conduct your campaigns in a manner devoid of acrimony, divisiveness and treachery so that at the end of the day Nigeria will win, democracy will triumph and humanity will be better for it.

    “As I have always said, no ambition is worth the life of another. As candidates, you must eschew violence and acts that will encourage any form of bloodletting or exacerbate the national fault lines.

    “We live in a season of unprecedented violence and all political leaders have a responsibility to de-escalate the tension in the country. The candidates by conduct and language must prioritise non-violence and peaceful coexistence.

    “Nigeria is at a critical junction in its march to nationhood as it grapples with security and economic challenges. The 2023 elections present an opportunity to renew our union, rebuild the dreams of our founding fathers and revitalise our economy.

    “A transparent election will go a long way to increase the confidence of Nigerians in our democracy and restore trust in our public institutions”

    This article was originally published on Naija News

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