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    2023: Jonathan Lists Three Biggest Threats To Nigeria’s Democracy


    Sep 20, 2022

    Ahead of the 2023 general elections, former President Goodluck Jonathan has listed the three biggest threats to democracy in Nigeria.

    According to the former president, the issue of propaganda, fake news and hate speech are now the biggest threat to the country’s democracy.

    He added that anyone advocating for hate speech, fake news and propaganda is also a threat to democracy, stating that these vices must be discouraged.

    Jonathan stated this on Tuesday at the second edition of the ‘Peace Conference’ organised by the Goodluck Jonathan Foundation with the theme: ‘Nation Building: The Role of Elections in a Multi-ethnic Context’.

    The former President advised Nigerian youths to embrace good conduct that will lead to good elections.

    He said: “Before this time, we were always afraid of the gun as a threat to democracy. But the biggest threat to democracy now is the issue of propaganda, fake news and hate speech.

    “Anybody that’s an advocate of this is a threat to democracy. Our young people should know that we should embrace good conduct that will lead to good elections.

    “We must first have a country before we talk about having a president. If we destroy a country, then we do not need a president.

    “Supporters of those who want to be leaders should first know that we need to have a nation before whoever they’re supporting can emerge as a governor or president.

    Jonathan pointed out that the motivating factor that makes one go into politics is important and people should not go into it for money.

    He added: “I always say that if your reason for going into politics is to make money, go and be a businessman so that nobody will come and harass you.

    “If you want to go into politics, it should be the people first, not you first. If you’re somebody who believes in yourself first, then you have no business in politics.

    This article was originally published on Naija News

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