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    2023 Elections: Perfecting Times for the Next Century

    ByBunu Sadiq

    Nov 9, 2022
    2023 Elections: Perfecting Times for the Next Century

    The Just Man for the Job

    When a nation is in chaos and people don’t seem to know what to do to avert various catastrophic events, they start to seek answers. Answers are not gotten from a weirdo – rather answers are gotten from a hero who has proven to have delivered based on results from past accomplishments.

    Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a man with multiple answers to a chaotic situation. Foresight is very important when leading a group of people to a destined place. Bola Ahmed Tinubu does not only have the foresight but the road map to the promised land.

    Benefits from past administration as Governor of Lagos State

    Since independence and after the civil war, lots of Nigerians have been able to flood themselves into the beautiful city of Lagos state to make a living to a large extent. Non-indigenes of Lagos state have been able to call Lagos State home for their families.

    We can recall in 1997 when Bola Ahmed Tinubu spread out his ambition for Lagos State to change the story. That story he changed has become a major experience for everyone living in Lagos State today. Bola Ahmed Tinubu came into office in 1997 and brought about a change in education, health, security, and empowerment of youths and women to make the Lagos State system work. While the story continues, Bola Ahmed Tinubu during his time as Governor made non-indigenes benefit immensely from many of his initiative programs such as;

    • A non-indigene who went by the name Anisiobi Ebuka hailed from Anambra state and rose to become the first ever one-day Governor Winner of a spelling competition. This opened up doors for Ebuka even though he came from another region and ethnic group. Emotional he was while saying this live on video.
    • WAEC fees were also paid for all students during this initiative organized by the Tinubu administration which gave the student an equal right to education and a lifetime opportunity.
    • Another individual from the southern region named Chioma Agu couldn’t forget how she won’t have been educated if not for the free education scheme that was led and empowered by the Tinubu government. 
    • Drugs for patients were highly subsidized so that people could get more drugs to treat their diseases. Many non-indigenes could confirm that the movement helped them in retaining their health status for a long time because it was made affordable. There were also other programs like the roll back malaria which was also led by the Tinubu government.

    The goodness continues…..

    The Bola Ahmed Tinubu movement is here to stay and it is our duty to harness the power which it brings to change lives, and grow our economy, so we as a nation can push for exponential growth. The time is now and we can no longer wait to get it right. The sooner the better it would be for every to embrace the future by just embracing the truth. The just man for the job,” Bola Ahmed Tinubu”.

    To download Asiwaju Bola Tinubu manifesto visit https://www.adhang.com/asiwaju-bola-tinubu-manifesto/

    COURTESY:  Bunu Sadiq Ibrahim.

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