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    2023: Deji Adeyanju Reacts To Osinbajo’s Presidential Declaration


    Apr 11, 2022

    The Convener of Concerned Nigerians Group, Deji Adeyanju has reacted to the 2023 presidential declaration of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

    In a speech on Monday, Osinbajo promised to complete the works started by President Muhammadu Buhari if elected the next President in 2023.

    The vice president said he would focus on creating a tech economy, lifting 100 million out of poverty and security, among other areas.

    Reacting to Osinbajo’s presidential declaration in a tweet via his Twitter handle, Adeyanju slammed the presidential hopeful for joining the race, having served as vice president for eight years.

    The political activist claimed that the vice president was ‘extremely incompetent’.

    Osinbajo & the Yoruba people supporting him may think Nigeria was created for them but how can a man serve as Vice President for 8yrs in a divided and multi-ethnic nation where some regions have never held power before and now want to be president for another 8yrs?”

    “And this man is even extremely incompetent,” he wrote.

    Meanwhile, bandit terrorists responsible for the attack on the Abuja-Kaduna train on the 28th of March have released a video showing victims abducted during the attack.

    The victims in the video were surrounded by armed men in a forest, while they plead with the government to act.

    The terrorist in the video were holding rifles and dressed in non-combat gears, with turbans covering their faces.

    Recall that the terrorists had charged the government a few days ago to attend to their demands, however, the demand before the government was not disclosed.

    In the video that was released four women were lined up: a student who identified herself as Lois John, studying Agriculture at the Kaduna State University and spoke on behalf of the women, two middle-aged women, and an older woman.

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