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    2023: Avoid Voting Killers Into Power – Goodluck Jonathan Sends Strong Warning To Nigerians


    Sep 25, 2022

    Former President of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan has cautioned citizens against voting the wrong set of persons into power in 2023.

    He said with the wrong set of people in power, the citizens will continue to suffer.

    Jonathan stressed that those who kill in order to get into power will continue to kill to remain in power and therefore cautioned Nigerians against voting for such people during the the2023 elections.

    Naija News reports the former President made the submission on Sunday while speaking in Uyo during a special interdenominational service to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the creation of Akwa Ibom State.

    He said, “In 2023, you must not make the mistake to vote killers.

    “Those who will carry knives, guns, and all kinds of gadgets to go and kill people because of politics, are the enemies of society. If you kill to become a leader, you will continue to kill to remain a leader.”

    “The people will continue to suffer. Make sure that from the House of Assembly to the House of Representatives to Senate to governor, you vote the right people in Akwa Ibom State.”

    Udom Emmanuel Is A Good Example

    Jonathan also commended the Akwa Ibom State Governor, Udom Emmanuel for performing excellently since assuming power in 2015 despite having most of his experience in the private sector prior to his election.

    “The election of Governor Udom should teach us, politicians, a good lesson. When Governor Udom was to come as a governor, people said this man has never been into politics.

    “Though we know he is a finance person who has been in the bank, he may not know how to manage human beings. But Udom came on board and changed the story,” Jonathan said.

    The ex-president was full of praises for the state executive council and the people of the state for supporting their Governor.

    This article was originally published on Naija News


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