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    2023: As President Of Nigeria, Terrorists Will Tremble When They Hear My Name – Wike


    Apr 22, 2022

    The executive Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike, has assured there will be maximum security if he is elected Nigeria’s president in the 2023 general elections.

    Naija News understands that Wike is aspiring to contest the office of the president under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

    Wike vowed in a statement on Thursday that he will lead the war against bandits if he wins the 2023 Presidency.

    Naija News understands that the governor made the huge pledge when he wooed delegates of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Taraba State on Thursday.

    Wike said terrorists will have no choice but to flee if they hear his voice.

    Speaking further, the governor dismissed the argument against the need for State police, lamenting the widespread insecurity.

    He said: “The Federal Government, you cannot stop this insecurity if you don’t have state police. You must have state police, there are no two ways about it.

    “Having state police does not mean you will not have federal police. All over the federal system, even councils have their own police so that you employ people who know the environment.

    “You cannot take a stranger to go to Mabila, it will take him years to understand that place. You can’t take a stranger and go to Donga or Chanchangi. So, you need people who know the environment so they will be able to take care of the place.”

    Wike insisted that if federal offences are committed, the federal police should handle them.

    “If they are state offences, the state police should handle them. So one key thing to stop this insecurity in Nigeria is to have state police,” Wike said.

    He added: “The one problem that our PDP government (under me if elected) must solve is to bring down the level of insecurity in this country otherwise there is no way the economy can grow.

    “When bandits hear my name they will run because I will take the war to them. I will be the Commander-in-Chief in action.

    “I’ll be commanding in projects, in security, in agriculture and the economy together with the armed forces. I’ll be commanding every aspect of life that will make Nigerians happy. This is because I can solve the problems of Nigeria.”

    This article was originally published on Nigeria News

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