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    2023: APC Female Presidential Aspirant Denies Stepping Down


    May 11, 2022

    The only female presidential aspirant under the All Progressives Congress, Uju Ohanenye, has denied the report that she has withdrawn from the presidential race.

    According to Ohanenye, she is in the presidential race to emerge as the winner, adding that she would give the race her best.

    Ohanenye denied withdrawing from the race while speaking in Abuja on Wednesday after a socio-cultural group, Nzuko Umuada Anambra Advancement International Initiative presented her with an award.

    The Presidential hopeful said Nigeria needs domestic interventions to overcome challenges bedevilling the country.

    Ohanenye said, “We have few women in the contest. I am talking to them to come out. Let’s summon the courage. I don’t know whether, are we afraid of you men? Or are we afraid of the world?

    “Because so many women are well to do, they work hard. I am telling them to come out. You know before now, we decided to relax thinking that the men will give us the best because we are all brought up to be loyal to our husbands, to be under a man, but as things are going right now, our children are suffering everywhere and I don’t see it as the people that have ruled are not doing their best but a woman’s input is very much needed.

    “Nigeria needs domestic interventions to overcome the various challenges we are facing which only women can give. I am giving this contest all that I have got. It is a lie I have stepped down. I am not thinking of that.”

    This article was originally published on Nigeria News

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