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    2023: Amaechi Reveals What He’ll Do If He Doesn’t Get The APC Presidential Ticket


    Apr 30, 2022

    The Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi has declared that he won’t dump the All Progressives Congress (APC) if he fails to win the party’s 2023 presidential ticket.

    Amaechi who is one of the aspirants seeking the APC ticket stated that his loyalty remains with the party regardless of the outcome of the presidential primaries.

    He also vowed to support whoever eventually emerges as the APC candidate for the 2023 presidency.

    The Minister was quoted in a statement on Saturday from his media office to have made the submission on Friday during a consultative meeting with APC members and stakeholders in Rivers State.

    He declared that his loyalty and allegiance remains with the APC and President Muhammadu Buhari irrespective of the final outcome of the party’s presidential primaries.

    “Loyalty is not when you are not chosen, you become disloyal, loyalty means you follow the man that leads you, that you have surrendered to his leadership,” he was quoted as saying.

    “If you don’t follow, it means you are not loyal, you are only benefitting from the man politically and economically. The day he’s not able to give you that economic reality, is the day you become disloyal.

    “I am a very loyal person, and those who are disloyal, I wish them well, those who want to do whatever they want to do, I wish them well. The opportunity will be given to everybody, we will run this presidential election, we will run, and I am loyal to the president and I am loyal to the party.

    “If the party says it is me, thank God. If the party says it is not me, whoever the party chooses, I will support. If the party and president choose anybody, I will support the person, if the party chooses me, I will be glad and say thank God.”

    The Rivers State APC however assured Amaechi of their support, stating that they have benefitted from him and it’s time to pay him back for his good deeds.

    The chairman of the APC in Rivers State, Emeka Beke, who spoke on behalf of others, gave the Minister the assurance of other support.

    “Sir, go home and sleep, Rivers delegates will vote for you, and I know my brothers who are statutory delegates will vote for you, because all of us seated here today from Rivers have benefitted from you, from your leadership and this is the time to pay you back. We will stand with you,” Beke said.

    This article was originally published on Nigeria News

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